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Coming Soon: Merging LINCS Accounts

Dear LINCS Community members,

We are pleased to announce that two weeks from now, on August 4, the log in process for the LINCS Community will be merged with the log in process for the LINCS Learning Portal, which houses LINCS’ online professional development courses.

This is a great improvement to LINCS, since now you will only have to remember one username/password combination for logging into both the LINCS Community and the LINCS Learning Portal. And if you’re new to either the Community or the Learning Portal, your existing account will grant you access to both of these resources.

After this technical update is complete on August 4, you will need to take the following actions to access the Community or the Learning Portal. Rest assured that we will guide you along the way. We will be communicating with you regularly until this merge takes place.

Starting August 5,

  • All users will be required to change their passwords before they are able to log in to either the LINCS Community or the LINCS Learning Portal.
  • Users will be required to log in with the email address associated with their account, rather than their Community username.

This change will make the log in process simpler for our many users who use both the LINCS Community and the LINCS Learning Portal, and will make it easier for brand-new users of either resource to access all of the high-quality professional development opportunities that LINCS has to offer.

As we approach this log in merge, please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have questions about this process.


The LINCS Community Team