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Oct. 15 | Digital Toolbelt: Digital Tools for Adult Education Instructors (new micro-group)

Adult basic education (ABE) instructors need a “digital toolbelt,” an easily accessible set of tools that can be used alone or in combination to improve instruction.

In two weeks, the LINCS Community will offer an eight-week micro-group led by Ed Latham, an expert in integrating technology into instruction. Ed will offer basic instruction on using various EdTech tools and provide recommendations for integrating the tools in ways practical to most classrooms.

This is a great learning opportunity for ABE instructors! After each session, participants will be able to create a classroom tool, resource, or learning activity that incorporates session skills and will be able to complete a skills self-assessment to identify which skills may be more challenging to present to students.

Space is limited to 20 participants. Interested participants, please contact Ed Latham at He will provide information on how to register.


The LINCS Team