Notes on the Philadelphia Literacy Conference on Technology and Adult Education

Leecy, David and group members, 

The Philadelphia conference on technology and adult education last Friday was an amazing event for a number of reasons. First, of course, it was eye opening to learn about the advances in technology in the field of ABE in general. But the most encouraging aspect was to see how a wide range of Formal and Nonformal agencies, from small libraries to large community centers and community colleges, are using technology. The Philadelphia Literacy Alliance is a model of cooperation in such areas as a centralized registration, evaluation and placement service, which saves all the member agencies time and money.

Teachers and tutors from every kind of program were at the conference, and I was particularly glad to see how technology is applied to help people with disabilities.

The keynote speaker focused on the “revolution” in Mobile Learning, the next stage, so to speak, in our field.

I have to say that I was extremely impressed to the point of being dizzy!

Nevertheless I managed to give my presentation coherently, and I hope it proved useful to the participants.

I want to thank Leecy for letting me know about the conference and encouraging me to attend, and for organizing the upcoming discussion on Google Hangouts.





Thanks for sharing your experience in Philly, Paul, and for representing us there. I know that you also promoted this community along with other LINCS resources. I look forward to more discussions on how to promote students in nonformal and isolated rural programs.

I know that several of us are looking forward to Monday's Hangout, where you will introduce us to mobile tools that you have found useful in instruction. It's great that the speaker for your event addressed the "mobile learning revolution!" David Rosen and Ed Latham will also be on Monday's call and, hopefully, share their views as well. We still have two slots for the Hangout. Please contact me if you would like to join us and haven't done so previously. Leecy (

Monday, May 23rd, 5PM EDT

Hi, Paul -

I'm glad to hear that the conference was a success.  I am especially interested in your comment that, "...I was particularly glad to see how technology is applied to help people with disabilities".  

I'm wondering if you would share with us some of the examples of the technology you learned about, and how it is being used in adult education programs with learners with disabilities?


Mike Cruse

Disabilities in Adult Education Moderator

Michael, here is the link to the group that provides tech assistance to people with disabilities:

And here is the link to the member groups in the Philadelphia Adult Education Literacy Alliance: