Adult Education Teacher Competencies Self-Assessment

Trainers can use the Adult Education Teacher Competencies Self-Assessment with teachers to help them reflect on their practice and identify areas for their professional development.

Users rate themselves on 17 competencies in four domains:

  1. Monitors and manages student learning and performance through data
  2. Plans and delivers high-quality, evidence-based instruction
  3. Effectively communicates to motivate and engage learners
  4. Pursues professionalism and continually builds knowledge and skills

Performance indicators and sample illustrations provide additional details about each competency

Competencies are rated on a 4-point Likert scale on:

  • Relevance to their teaching
  • Their proficiency
  • Program priority level

The self-assessment can be completed online or printed and completed manually. The average completion time is 45 minutes. Please note that online users must complete the assessment in one sitting because results are not stored online and the system times out after 20 minutes of computer inactivity.

Teachers can use take the assessment multiple time to track their progress.

Adult Education Teacher Competencies Self-Assessment was developed through OCTAE's Teacher Effectiveness initiative


I love this tool. Another potential use is to have a program director ask staff to complete the evaluation and then use the results to define the PD needs for the year. As trainers, sending this out to programs prior to a training and asking that the results be shared with us prior to our presentation also allows us to adapt and modify our training to hit an identified need. Additionally, we could  send the same assessment out a few weeks after the training as a post survey to determine the impact of our training. 

Thanks for sharing.