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Career Pathways-Workforce Development

  1. Does successful completion of career pathways courses means that the trainer will be inducted to conduct workforce preparation training? Or its just meant for professional development purposes? 
  2. I myself falling in the category of skilled migrants, plus I am also acquiring a degree in US, so if I complete workforce development training, will I be able to train other migrants who need assistance, or do I have to acquire some kind of additional licence to provide training to other adult learners who need guidance & support in induction and employ-ability. 

I am interested to not only complete all the courses in Teaching and Learning, but also prefer to train myself in career pathways leading to workforce preparation programs and execute such training for human resource development in education industry too (targeting teacher development). I do have experience and interest in human development.  

Which steps I need to follow to be a successful teacher trainer, and workforce development instructor? Kindly, provide me guidelines.  



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Hi Ayesha, 

These are very broad questions and hard to answer as states and programs may have different requirements. Please message me and I will point you in the right direction so you can get some answers to your questions.