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Challenges and successes for PD to guide students to reach performance outcome measures.

In case you missed it, COABE Webinar Expanding Professional Development and Marketing for WIOA SuccessThe presenter, Randy Whitfield, Ed.D., discussed how WIOA is dramatically different than previous legislation for adult education. The performance outcome measures include: (1) Achievement of an Educational Functioning Level, (2) Enrollment in Postsecondary Education or Training, (3) Employment by 2nd or 4th Quarter After Exit and Median Earnings. 

As we strive to reach these outcomes, programs implement Integrated Education & Training, Workplace Education. In order to implement instructional delivery methods that help students reach these performance outcomes include the following;

  • focus on contextualized lesson planning, partnering with workforce development instructors, 
  • embedding career exploration during lessons. 
  • and building on local employment and workforce trends. 

So, how do you develop and facilitate PD for your staff as it relates to WIOA expectations? What are the challenges and successes? 

Kathy Tracey


Tags: WIOA, PD Systems