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Discussion protocol

Hello, everyone: During the many discussions here, 99% of the time everybody follows discussion "etiquette" or protocol. But every now and then someone goes off the rails and either gets too personal, especially about controversial topics, or inadvertently is somewhat rude. So let me add my two cents.

First, I am a big fan of YouTube News videos and I especially the discussions in British Parliament, and also those in Congress.  In both it is "forbidden" to make personal comments or attacks in addition to use "foul language". 

In the British Parliament the Chair will yell out numerous times: "Order, Order...Or...derrrrr!!!" In Congress people shout:"Point of order!" Or: "Move to take down" -  (which means delete from the recond something somebody said which was offensive, etc.)

I think this is a good way to deal with certain kinds of "replies' which in my view are disguised personal jabs or obtuse accusations. So in the future instead of wrangling about something I will just "shout": "Ord...eeer" . 

"My two cents for what it's worth"