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Free and Open Reading and Writing Resources!

Jeff Goumas has just posted a discussion, "Free & Open Resources for Academic, Employability, and 21st-Century Skills,"  providing information about an amazing set of materials in many disciplines, including Reading and Writing, which is right up our alley. When you get a few minutes to dig into this treasure chest, I hope you'll explore the reading and writing links, and then drop back into this thread and comment on what you found that is particularly useful.

All of the resources are licensed under Creative Commons as open content. "Open" means that resources are not only free but reusable in many different ways. In this case, you are free to share, add to, adjust, and reconfigure content as you wish!

Under the many Reading links, I was particularly led to check out the "Adult Reads: Adult Literacy Fundamental English" link - Part of the BC Campus Open Textbook initiative, this set of six downloadable course packs and readers  includes instruction and exercises panning levels GLEs1-12. Each book is open and can be downloaded as a Word doc.

Under the Writing links, I also looked into "BBC Skills Wise​" - Excellent set of worksheets and downloadable PDFs covering a range of skills in reading, writing, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and speaking and listening. For each skill, there are videos that help learners understand the real-world applications of the skill.

The best things in life are, indeed, free! Please share the gems that you found to be useful in your practice. Let's talk more! Leecy