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free online children's books in many languages

Hello colleagues, If you work with English learners who have children, you will be interested in sharing this wonderful resource with them. Storybooks Minnesota has freely available online books in 17 different languages, including English. Parents can read to their children in the primary language and also listen to the stories online.The stories can also be downloaded. This resource would be ideal for a family literacy classroom.

From the homepage: "Storybooks Minnesota is a free open educational resource that promotes literacy and language learning in homes, schools, and communities. It makes 40 stories from the African Storybook available with text and audio in English, Spanish, and the most widely spoken languages of Minnesota."

Please share and let us know how you and the adults in your class are using these resources.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP


lclark's picture

Thank you for sharing this! It looks great and I can see a lot of potential uses for it.