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Health Literacy Resource for ESL

I discovered this reosurce for health literach and ESL learners. I invite you to explore this content and identify how you may consider using it with students. Is this someting you can replicate at your own program? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this reosure and tips for use in the classroom. Additionally, if you have other resources and strategies you use to teach Health Literacy to ESL learners, consider sharing them in this thread and we can develop a list of instructional tools. 

Kathy Tracey



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Hi Kathy, Thanks for linking us to these exemplary materials. I've been using this website for years which features student handouts, listening files and detailed lesson plans. There is a fully developed curriculum for learners at the beginning level as well as at the intermediate level at the site.

It would be great to hear what other members think of these resources.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition

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The Queens Library materials are excellent. The Florida Literacy Coalition has also developed an award-winning health literacy curriculum. All the student workbooks and teacher's guides are available for free download. Titles include Staying Healthy; Staying Healthy for Beginners; Women's Health; Coping with Stress; and Health Careers: A Guide to Finding Entry-Level Jobs in Health Care. These are written at a 4th-5th grade reading level and are suitable for low intermediate level ESOL learners and above They can be downloaded for free at


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I have used these lessons with our lower level students. The MP3 down load is a good resource for students to use own their own if they have a smartphone. I send it  as music files and they listen to the  vocabulary words and practice pronunciation. We have paired it with Oxford Picture Dictionary to avoid printing large pictures in color.

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I am curious if anyone has created instructional tools like this for their local community? While this is a great resource, I wonder if anyone has duplicated the concept for their community ESL program. If so, please consider sharing the resource. Or, perhaps we can continue this discussion and discuss strategies on how to create a resource like this. Let's see if we can brainstorm about how to create this resource and what it should contain.