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ICYMI: August Reflections

Hello Community Members,

Here are the August highlights from our community:

First, the posting about the 12 months of math for the month of August.   The focus was on Architecture and Design, and there were links to videos and resources for lessons in your adult education classroom

Second, a community member reached out to the group to ask about resources that are available to help visually impaired students learn math.  Several members chimed in with suggestions, feel free to add more to the list.

Third, we had a special discussion event, “Pentominos: Introducing Algebra Through an Arithmetic Puzzle,” presented by CoP member and LINCS Trainer, Heidi Schuler-Jones.  This was a fun visual activity and several members participated in posting their pictures to make the discussion more interactive.

Call to Action: Join in the conversation on the Math and Numeracy COP.  Our community is a place practitioners, advocates, researchers, learners, policymakers, and others discuss mathematics and numeracy issues in adult education, including research and evidence-based practices, instructional strategies, and resources.  The community needs your expertise to create a place that is engaging and a resource for others in the field of adult education.  Let's continue our discussions here!


Brooke Istas
Math and Numeracy Moderator