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Learning simulations for adult reading, writing, numeracy, ESOL, science, health literacy, or financial literacy


Yesterday I was asked about good computer-based simulations (extensive, involving, basic skills games) designed for adults who want to improve reading, writing, and/or numeracy skills. One, that I know of was developed in 2001; it's a work-contextualized simulation called The Office.   I just looked at it again and still like how it engages learners and, that while its purpose is improving basic skills, its context is real-world. Many adult learners find that it's fun and engaging, and it's free.

Do you know of other engaging, well-designed computer/smart phone/tablet simulations for adult reading, writing, numeracy ESOL/ESL, science, health literacy or financial literacy. If so, please let us know about them here.

David J. Rosen