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Mentoring as a component for reentry

I invite you to explore the following resource: Mentoring as a Component of Reentry. The guide is comprehensive with example topics including:  

  • Integrating Mentoring into an Adult Reentry Program 
  • Developing and Communicating Goals for Adult Reentry Mentoring 
  • Establishing Roles and Program Expectations for Mentors
  • Choosing the Appropriate Mentoring Model
  • Developing Protocols for the Mentoring Relationship 
  • Collaborating with Corrections, Probation, and Parole
  • Clarifying Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations for Both Partners

The purpose of the guide is to provide recommendations for community-based organizations that wish to integrate adult mentoring into existing reentry programming; to offer guidance on building effective partnerships with correctional agencies; and to promote peer learning by highlighting reentry programs that use promising practices in adult mentoring, including peer mentoring.

Do any of your programs provide mentoring support for formerly incarcerated adults? What successes have you found? What challenges? 

Kathy Tracey


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