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Minecraft for English Learning?

The EVO Minecraft MOOC for 2019 invites interested educators to join in playing Minecraft, learning all we can about playing alone and together, and how Minecraft is being used effectively in language learning. We'll learn by doing and from one another.

Membership is open to educators and students using recognizable identities in association with EVO sessions 2019

Starting this week, the fifth iteration of the Minecraft MOOC for English teachers opens up! While it focuses on English, it’s great for any teacher who wants to learn or play Minecraft in a cohort of other educators.
The EVO Minecraft MOOC 2019 Information
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I have joined this MOOC with great trepidation. I am totally new to Minecraft although my grandson is an expert. I certainly never considered it as a tool for learning in general and especially for enhancing English learning! I have no idea of what I'm doing, but I'm excited to be doing it.

Please drop in and share any experience you have had relating to using Minecraft for adult education. Apparently, colleges and universities are using it extensively. Let's talk more! Leecy


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One hundred

Well, I jumped, ran, walked, and swam in with trepidation and have found Minecraft to be fascinating. I haven't yet dug into using it for English instruction since I'm just trying to survive, but that's next. I'll report.

I must say that I was completely lost and totally befuddled when I got started. In fact, I told those running this MOOC that I should probably drop out and learn on my own before trying to belong to a community since I'm not a gamer (tried Second Life for a bit) and very unskilled navigating new worlds. I received immediate encouragement from the community, from both other students and MOOC staff, asking me to hang in there. I did! I spent some time on my own in the Educational Minecraft and got some practice moving around. Then I joined one of the support staff in the MOOC Minecraft, using Discord (free voice app!) to communicate.

My tutor teleported  me to a huge practice area and had me follow her around, trying different things with her help. She also took me to an area where a few other students were learning together and introduced me to them before taking me back to my play area. What amazing fun.

Two lessons were re-learned that I'll hopefully never forget:

  1. When students come to us for learning, it is a whole new world for most. Like me in Minecraft, they feel very inept, totally overwhelmed, and often led to drop or never come back. When they are encouraged by their program, including other students who relate to their insecurity, they are often willing to give it a try. They feel like they are in a supportive community!!!
  2. 1-1 tutoring or communication at first, is a gift from heaven. That tutor took a whole hour to lead me around and help me feel comfortable enough to keep learning on my own and, this week, maybe joining others in that world to learn and build together. If new students are given personal time dedicated to their owns needs, they are given a real gift that may last them a lifetime: trust! 

Wish me luck and perseverance! Leecy