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NEW: Let's Get to Know One Another!

Greetings Friends, old and new and in between! I am so glad that you are part our Reading and Writing Community of Practice, a community of teachers, administrators, librarians, managers and other providers serving adults! I hope you are as anxious to know one another as I am to know you better! 

In order for us to get to know each other better and to learn from one another more, please click on "Comment" at the bottom of this message, and enter the following information about yourself, no matter when you joined, long ago or recently. (Please review the list of introductions listed in the 2015-2018 Introductions Forum, also listed as a blue sticky below this thread."

Consider responding to any/all of the questions below, along with adding anything else you would like us to know about you in this learning circle.

  1. What is your interest in dialoguing about the topics listed in our R&W CoP?
  2. What benefits do you consider in joining this group?
  3. Tell us something about yourself that no one would suspect upon first meeting you?
  4. Ask one question of others in this group.
  5. Contribute on great resource for teaching adults learning to read and write, or teaching their kids to read and write better.
  6. What fears, if any, did you face on your journey learning to read and write?
  7. What questions do you have relating to participating in this community?
  8. What is your favorite section on LINCS?
  9. Anything else you want to add: a funny story, a complaint, a strength, an idea, a suggestion for the group, etc...!

If you want to reply to what someone else said, simply click on "Reply" at the bottom of their entry.

I'm laying out the red carpet! Leecy Wise, Moderator, R&W CoP,



Di Baycich's picture
One hundred

Hi Everyone,

I've been a member of the COPs since they first came into existence. Before that I was subscibed to the LINCS email lists. I'm glad Leecy decided to do this. It's nice to know more about each other than just our names. OK, here goes!

I’m interested in being in this COP because it gives me a chance to hear what’s happening with reading and writing from other places. I always come away with good ideas and resources that the other members share. One of my go to resources when I’m looking for readable text is the Newsela site  They news articles on a wide variety of topics and they have grouped many of the articles into text sets. Each article can be viewed and printed out at multiple reading levels which is a real help in multilevel classrooms. The resource is free but you have to register. My favorite section on LINCS is the resource collection. Oodles of good stuff in there and I can be confident that it’s all high quality. One question I have for the group is – how do you help your students share their writing with authentic audiences? One thing no one would suspect on first meeting me is that I picked grapes in France one summer.

Leecy's picture
One hundred

Thanks for sharing your comments and resources with us, Di. Newsela is a great resource for teachers and students of adults. As you noted, they procide "news articles on a wide variety of topics and they have grouped many of the articles into text sets." And as we know, where there is good reading at appropriated levels, there are also unlimited writing opportunities to go with them! The site states, "One study found that using Newsela twice a week leads to 2x reading gains in achievement scores and 3x gains when used daily... Another found that Newsela increases reading scores for students of all demographic subgroups." Not bad.

We need to know now, of course, did you also stomp those grapes to make wonderful French wine? :) Leecy

Di Baycich's picture
One hundred

Thanks Leecy for reminding us that reading and writing go hand in hand and for sharing the information about the gains shown with the use of NewsELA. After working sun up to sun down, we were too tired to do any stomping.