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Over 2,000 Practice Sets from Khan Academy—Aligned to the CCRS and TABE 11/12

I threatened to do this a long time ago, Once I had the things (and Excel knowledge) in place that were needed, it took me maybe 5 hours to get it done?

CrowdED Learning has created downloadable/copyable spreadsheets containing all of the practice sets from Khan Academy, aligned to the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education and TABE 11+12 (including indication of emphasis). I'm interested in seeing if folks want to take a look and perhaps have a follow up discussion on what best practices could be shared out to the field on how to use these. 

In the meantime:

Here is the link to the page where you can access/download the alignments:

Here is a link to the blogpost announcing the alignments: CrowdED Musings

Hope these are helpful! Imagine what we can do if we work together on similar projects????? :)


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One hundred

Jeff, I have done a similar attempt of mapping out learning resources and came up feeling very empty. I was collecting lessons from Khan Academy, IXL and other learning systems that all claim to have things aligned to standards. After about 4-6 hours of processing, I stopped and really dug into the lessons and the standards they claim to address. I was shocked and dismayed at what I found. As an example, I was finding that since a problem had a fraction in it, almost every fraction standard was linked to that problem. For anyone that has read through any of the fraction standards, I am sure it would be hard to imagine any one problem (multiple choice even) that could address even a couple of those standards. The more I looked at the alignment lists different tools were creating and comparing them to the text in the standard, the more disappointed and disgusted I became. 

I have not had the time to look at Khan's current alignment and I have always loved the fact that their team does not seem to rest on their accomplishments like some other companies that charge for their services. I am hopeful that their ever changing content offerings are becoming better aligned with the intent of each standard rather than falsely claiming alignment because it seems to be good marketing. I have found Khan Academy to be much more responsive to feedback than the IXL system in this regard!

I will have to take some time and look over the current offerings to see how they align, but I wanted to throw my past experiences out there to see if others have looked into the alignment and found similar or different experiences. Are the company offered alignements accurate or adequate in your opinions?

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Ed....I completely hear you. I honestly consider any alignments a starting point of related content....I don't think we should ever consider them to mean "coverage," and perhaps that's a myth that needs to be dispelled. (Yes, I think they are often billed as "coverage" for marketing's sake.) As states have have been completing Standards in Action training, they have come to the same conclusions you have....where they evaluate the content/curriculum they have (publisher or homegrown) and evaluate actual coverage and gaps in coverage. Where there are gaps in coverage, they work to either develop new lessons, adapt existing lessons, or find new resources to fill in those gaps. 

This to me is why sharing out and compiling work such as what you and states have done around curriculum alignment and standards coverage is so important. There is no "one-size-fits-all" resource that provides full coverage, so I'd love to see an effort to pool together resources and our collective efforts to make them more readily accessible to everyone. It would be great to get to a point where instructors (and, eventually, learners) can select resources that work best based on their teaching/learning preferences and what they have available to them. 

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One hundred

... also keep track of Illustrative Math.   At the OpenEd18 conference I learned they are going to go through and see which lessons and practice align with their lessons, which are also aligned to standards.   It sounds as if they shall be fairly rigorous in their screening out things that aren't a good fit. 

    I was shocked and dismayed back in 2012  ;)   Their stated motto is "production before perfection" and they do take that seriously... but they have also brought in lots of outside folks who've improved things a lot.   

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The work you have done here is AMAZING. We just talked about how I love Khan Academy, but it's overwhelming. You broke it down beautifully. I am shocked it only took five hours, and I hope others appreciate your hard work! I will be sharing with the Texas folks for sure. Your vision and the work you are doing is going to be a HUGE benefit to adult educators. I applaud you and thank you. I am definitely volunteering to help you with CrowdED and cannot wait to collaborate with you and help you build what I suspect is going to be one of the greatest things to happen to #adultedu.