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Research studies on Native Americans and Literacy

My brother, a librarian for the State of North Dakota just called and asked for research on literacy levels among Native Americans. Even though he is a research librarian, he is having difficulty finding specific research data.  Do you know of anything besides NALS, NAAL and PIAAC (which are what I thought of right off the bat.) Anything anyone has would be appreciated.

Thanks for all of your help!




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Sue, I'm so glad that you asked. I imagine that many members here work with Native American (NA) students and have pieces to add to the puzzle you presented. Let's start a repository on this topic! For those who write grants to serve NAs, there might be good information included under the Needs or other sections. Following are a few resources that might help your brother get started. 

2011-12 data presented by the National Indian Education Association which indicates Native American students comprise only 0.9% of the student population for all U.S. higher education 


Let's share more! Leecy

Leecy Wise, Moderator
Reading and Writing CoP


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Thanks for all of your help Leecy! I hope this will help others, besides my brother.


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You are welcome, Sue. I wish we had gotten additional suggestions, but hope it helps! Leecy