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Starting with goals: Adult Learner Goals Toolkit

Dear Colleagues:

In a small LINCS study circle that I am part of, we’ve been looking at goal-setting as a way to support learner persistence.  One of the favorite resources has been:

The Adult Learner Goals Toolkit

The toolkit includes in-class and individual lesson plans, forms, and checklists for teachers, tutors, and counselors.  A study circle favorite is one titled Pull Forward—Push Back (the instructions start on page 35; see illustration at bottom of this post).  The graphic provides a place for students to write long-term and short-term goals and then provides spaces for students to describe what motives them and what inhibits them from reaching their goals.  We thought the visual format would appeal to students and the addition of what motives/inhibits would help both the student and adult education professionals foster persistence.

What type of goal-setting form do you use?  How do you use the goals once they are created?

Cynthia Zafft

Postsecondary Completion Moderator