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Strategy Learning for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Last month I presented the Learning to Achieve module Explicit Instruction for Strategy learning at a conference  This training provides several examples of strategies such as Visualization for reading comprehension, TOWER for writing, and RAP for paraphrasing.  Most importantly we discussed the importance of using Explicit Instruction when teaching the use of strategies.  To follow up, there are excellent resources in the LINCS learning to Achieve publication, "A Professional's Guide to Educating Adults With Learning Disabilities":  Chapter 3 offers great examples of strategy steps and modeling.

There was a request during the training for text examples for lower EFL levels.  I use the site  to find multiple level texts on the same topic.  For example, the article, "Large group of migrants arrives in Mexico" is available in four Lexile levels, 580 through 1140:

If you have used explicit instruction for teaching strategies to your adult students, let me know what has worked well for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!