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TABE 11-12 Paper-based Test

Reading Locator- 45 minutes
Reading Test- 2 ½ to 3 hours 
(Including practice questions, 10 minute break between parts 1 and 2)

•Math Locator- 30 minutes
•Math Test- 1 ½ hours (including practice questions)
•Each Level (E,M,D,A) has
•DIFFERENT Practice Questions
•DIFFERENT Times for tests 
•Unless and until something changes,..Levels E, M, D, and A cannot be given in the same room at the same time under standardized conditions.

A DRC spokesman said they are working on it.

My 2 minute summary of TABE 11 12-



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Thank you, Brett, for sharing these details about the paper version of TABE 11/12. Administering the various levels of the test at different times and/or locations will be a burden for programs.

I'm curious what programs are thinking about these challenges with TABE 11/12.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP

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Luckily, we just got word in PA that we're allowed to use TABE 9/10 for one more year because there isn't time for all staff to take the necessary training to administer the TABE 11/12 in July. I hope that this will give time for DRC to make the test less cumbersome, for other companies to release (reasonable) competing tests, or both.

Are other states also extending the use of 9/10?

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SC has delayed starting 11 12 from our original start date goal, July 1, 2018 to January 1, 2019.

Besides CASAS, what other TABE type assessments are you considerinh?

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All are invited to a one-hour webinar on the new Reading GOALS test series for ABE/ASE learners covering the following topics:

- Test design, including test timing

- Test content aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards

- Reading GOALS Sample Test Items

- Reading GOALS in CASAS eTests

- Reading GOALS using paper test booklets


The webinar will be offered at the following times (same content for both dates/times): 

Tuesday, May 15 8:00amPST/11:00amEST

Thursday, May 17 1:00PST/4:00pmEST

To register for the May 15 webinar, click here.

To register for the May 17 webinar, click here.

Please review the latest version of the GOALS series FAQs on the CASAS website before attending the webinar at

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I'm relieved to see others in the same boat.  In Utah, we were planning on transitioning to 11/12, but our programs are very concerned about the time needed to administer the full test (7 hours!).  We have also opted to stick with 9/10 for one more year.

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Texas will also be able to use 9/10 through the coming school year. At some point during that time, our program will figure out how to implement 11/12. It will certainly cause some disruptions in our procedures.

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Each level of TABE 11-12 has 7 different Practice Test questions which should each be:
read to the test takers
answers marked on the answer sheet by the test taker
correct answers gone over by the test administrator 
test takers directed to mark the correct answer if they did not choose the right answer.

Per the test directions script.

•programs must arrange to give only 1 level TABE test at a time in the same room.
•All E level together, separate from M, D, and A levels.
•All M level together, separate from E, D, and A levels.
•All D level together, separate from E, M, and A levels.
•All A level together, separate from E, M, and D levels.
•The exception to this is the Locator.
•All students (except non-readers) can take the Locator together at the same time.
Related program difficulties and challenges include- 

•Scheduling multiple test sessions.
•What to do with those waiting for their TABE test after locating.
•Budgeting for test administrators expanded hours.
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The TRAIN PD Center at TCALL will host an Informational TABE 11/12 Webinar for Texas adult educators on May 24 with the National Director for the publisher of TABE 11/12, DRC. Texas folks, watch for that announcement from TRAIN PD Specialist Tracy Hendrix!

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Would it be OK if I eavesdropped on that?

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TABE 9-10 Total 4 hours for all 3 tests and Locator, and time to read Directions and Practice Questions.

TABE 11-12 Total 7 1/2 to 8 hours for all 3 tests and Locator, and time to read Directions and Practice Questions.

Program Implications

•Plan testing schedule and staffing to match the test length.

•Decide which test(s) to give.
•Any one, any two, or all three might be given, per your state or District.