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Teaching with Technology: SuperTracker Scavenger Hunt

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to the second week of National Nutrition Month and another step in exploring the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s nutrition website:

Earlier this week, I was reading the new PIAAC National Supplement report (watching a video to start) outlining the low scores for digital problems solving, especially for young adults (age 16-34 years).  So, it is with some hesitation that I share this lesson plan (activity) that helps students become familiar with one of the websites online tools, SuperTracker

The site includes a brief SuperTracker Scavenger Hunt to help learners become familiar with the main features of the site.  Beginning with my favorite snack food (potato chips…don’t tell anyone), I had an opportunity to quickly compare the nutrition of several types of chips.  Sweet potato chips are an improvement, if I look at just the sodium but otherwise…time to look for another favorite snack.  Then I built the nutritional content of my breakfast (I did better there).

Would group members try the SuperTracker Scavenger Hunt and report back here?  Is it something your students could tackle?  Is it something they would find interesting?

Cynthia Zafft

Health Literacy Moderator

Tags: nutrition