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Welcome to the LINCS Integrating Technology and Learning Group.

The group is a community of practice for practitioners and others to explore issues related to integrating technology and digital literacy into adult literacy curriculum and instruction; share instructional strategies for teaching digital literacy skills as part of a contextualized curriculum; provide information and resources that can be used to inform practitioners about these issues and improve practice; and improve public policies related to digital literacy and the effective use of technologies for learning.

Topics discussed include:

  • Digital literacy and inclusion
  • Uses of technology in adult literacy teaching and staff development
  • Effective use of technology, services, and delivery systems, including distance education, in a manner sufficient to improve performance
  • Instructional strategies for teaching digital literacy skills as part of a contextualized curriculum
  • Public policies related to digital literacy, distance education, and the effective use of technologies for learning
  • Technology capacity and infrastructure
  • 21st century digital literacy skills
  • Technology tools and how they can be used in our practice

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