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Three Goals in One Lesson


In three days, we will be joined by Cynthia Peters, our guest expert and presenter, to discuss innovative and effective ways to integrate academic skills in the process of implementing activities that relate to their real-life interests or occupational-prep goals.

In order to get the most out of our upcoming three-day discussion, “Three Goals in One Lesson,” you are invited to and encouraged to explore the following wonderful resources

  1. A link to Cynthia’s January, 2019 Webinar “Where CCR Math and ELA Skills Overlap”
  2. The PowerPoint slides used in that Webinar
  3. Handout 1: Brief Review of Integrated Learning
  4. Handout 2: Sample Activities

This specific, "hands-on” discussion will focus on integrating learning through the following objectives that will guide our dialogue:

1. Analyze and examine activities and lessons that reinforce math and English language (reading, writing, speaking) skills in activities that relate to real-life and occupational contexts.

2. Create and share noteworthy practices, activities, and models that emphasize integrating academic skills into occupational contexts.

Moderators in the Reading and Writing, Math, and Teaching and Learning LINCS communities, cordially invite you to explore the above resources and to join them in welcoming Cynthia Peters, Editor of The Change Agent and long-time adult-education teacher and trainer, for a lively three-day exchange on how to best integrate instruction among our adult learners! Although you may read what is posted, in order to participate in the discussion, please be sure to become a member of at least one or all of those communities.

Jeri Gue, Reading and Writing CoP

Susan Finn-Miller, Teaching and Learning CoP

Brooke Istas, Math CoP