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Topics for Our Dialoguing Pleasure

Our community is charged with addressing the following topics in our discussions. Each topic includes a treasure chest of ideas, best practices, challenges, research, and innovations.  As a member of this Reading and Writing professional community, I invite you to review the topics below. Which appeal to you the most? Which represent areas where you have some expertise? 
  1. Essential Components of reading instruction
  2. Serving individuals with a barrier to employment including those who have low levels of literacy skills
  3. Literacy skills, skill-building, and instructional strategies
  4. Using content standards in English Language Arts and Literacy instruction
  5. Family literacy
  6. Learning in context
  7. Best practices based on the most rigorous research available and appropriate
Please select one topic and open a discussion related to that topic. We have so much to share. Let's do it!
To start a discussion thread, click on the Discussions Tab when you enter the community. Next, click the green button "+Add Discussion." That's it! Fill in the information and Post it by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. We'll be there to talk with you!
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