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Why Does ABE Matter? New 5-min Video Worth Watching!

Hello colleagues,

At our state Adult Basic Education conference last week, this brief talk (among others!) was given by a local ABE manager.  The speaker, Jodi Versaw, was responding to the question, "Why Does ABE Matter?"  If you teach ESL, you'll enjoy this eloquent affirmation of our work.

Find a recording of her 5-min talk here:


Patsy Vinogradov

Director, ATLAS 

Tags: adult ESL, ABE


Deborah Kennedy's picture

Patsy, thanks so much for posting this link. This is a superb presentation.

Susan Finn Miller's picture
One hundred

Thank you, Patsy for posting this video. What a beautiful testimony to empowering people through education -- and perfect timing as we get ready to start a new program year. Get ready to be inspired, everyone!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, AELL CoP