GEDWorks to Connect Employees To Learning Centers

GED Testing Service has teamed up with some of the U.S.'s largest employers, including Walmart, KFC, Taco Bell and Southeastern Grocers, to create GEDWorks, a free program for employees of these businesses who want to earn their GED.

Many GEDWorks participants will benefit from the support of working with an adult education center.  To learn more about connecting with these individuals, check out the GEDWorks Media Kit, and make sure that your center is listed, with up-to-date location and contact information.   You need to log into MyGED to access the locator. If your center is not listed or needs to be updated, follow the instructions to be included in this new program.

It would be great to hear from programs that connect with GEDWorks participants about their experience.  Share your successes with us!



Thanks for sharing this information about GEDWorks, Mike. I  would love to hear from program administrators and others whose programs might already be part of GEDWorks. What has been your experience so far?

David J. Rosen

Moderator, Program Management Community of Practice