Paideia Seminars: What do you know about it?

Hi Group Members,

Is anyone familiar with the Paideia Seminar?  I understand that it takes the Socratic discussion up a higher notch.  It is supposed to embody Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and aligns to the Common Core State Standards.

Have you used it?  What can you share with the community about it?

Meryl Becker-Prezocki, SME


Hi Everyone,

Back in May, I introduced the topic of Paideia Seminars to the LINCS Communities.  Paideia Seminars can be best described as a formal discussion about text.  I particularly like that the seminar is conducted in a circle where all students face one another.

I have located two short videos where this discussion process is modeled.  I think that this technique would work exceptionally well with adult learners.  Here is a link to the videos: and  You can read about Paideia Seminars and the Common Core at

According to a post by Katie Novak at The Teaching Channel, Paideia Seminars help students meet the Common Core Standards by promoting dialogue and conversations while facilitating a discussion about complex texts.  This post is at

I think that this method is right on the money for adult students.  If adult educators are knowledge about this process but prefer not to use it, can you share why?

Meryl Becker-Prezocki, SME