Soft Skills Assessments?

Dipping back in to this amazing group to ask:   Are there any relatively clever / easy online assessments of career skills like "personal ethic, work ethics, communication skills and teamwork"?   The website we got this from has a cumbersome one... I'm doing some mad googling... 


Susan's question is the perfect opportunity for me to share NCTN's new Personal and Workplace Success Skills Library,  a collection of resources to guide the integration of personal and workplace success skills (aka "soft skills") into curriculum and instruction, advising and coaching, assessment, and program design.  The Library is searchable by resource type, so you can go right to those materials that focus on or include assessment of PWSS skills. 

The resources were selected for adult education, higher education, workforce development, and career and technical education programs serving adult and older youth learners and workers, including English language learners. We're adding more every month, and welcome recommendations from practitioners for resources to include. 

Join our Tour of the Library,   Thursday  April 29, 3:00-4:15pm to learn more. Register here.