Summary of research evidence on remediation strategies

Remedial and developmental education - how to help students learn the skills they need and not get stuck in remedial coursework - were topics discussed by all of the CoPs at the November 2018 Minority Serving Community Colleges convening. The Brookings Institution just released a summary of recent research on innovations in remedial education and what the evidence tells us about which models are most effective for promoting student success.

 Regarding, for example, recent research on placement strategies for remediation, the article notes:

"[Analyses show that] misplacement into remediation was far more common than misplacement into college-level courses. In one urban system, we estimated that nearly a quarter of students assigned to remedial math and a third of students assigned to remedial English could have passed college-level courses with a B or better. In related work, we also showed that high school transcript information (courses taken and grades) generally predicted college performance better than one-off test scores, and that using multiple measures of preparation could substantially lower remediation rates while maintaining or increasing the probability of success for those assigned directly to college-level coursework."

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