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This group is a space for continual virtual learning for participants of the White House National Skills and Credential Institute (NSCI) to share best practices and help the 18 communities develop and strengthen local and state plans, tools and resources to address credentialing, licensing and English proficiency issues that impede economic and linguistic integration for skilled immigrant and refugee professionals.

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Discussion : New Career Pathway Guide for Foreign Educated Lawyers - Free Resource 0 May 04, 2020
Bulletin : Webinar Announcement: Can Immigrant Professionals Help Reduce Teaching Shortages in the U.S.? 0 Oct 24, 2018
Bulletin : Upcoming Webinar for Immigrant and Refugee Job Seekers - Making your Foreign Education Count in the U.S. 0 Apr 19, 2018
Bulletin : Webinar Annoucement: Breadth of Immigrant Professional Integration in One Map 0 Mar 27, 2018
Bulletin : The Immigrant Nurse Credentialing (INC) Program, a new RN re-entry program approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) 0 Jan 26, 2018
Bulletin : New Navigator Programs Help Foreign-Trained Immigrants Overcome Barriers to Employment 0 Jan 18, 2018
Bulletin : IMPRINT Spotlight on Minnesota: Opening a Pathway for International Medical Graduates to Practice Medicine in Minnesota 0 Nov 09, 2017
Bulletin : WES Global Talent Bridge Selects Eight Communities to Pilot National Skilled Immigrant Integration Program 0 Nov 09, 2017
Bulletin : IMPRINT's New Interactive Policy Map Highlights State Licensing Laws 0 Jul 13, 2017
Bulletin : Applications for the Gateways for Growth Challenge 0 Jul 13, 2017
Bulletin : Webinar Recording: Occupational Licensing: Assessing State Policy and Practice 0 Jul 12, 2017
Bulletin : Technical Assistance Opportunity: Addressing State Licensing Barriers 0 Jul 11, 2017
Bulletin : LINCS discussion "Contextualizing Instruction and Supporting English Learners onto Career Pathways" 0 May 10, 2017
Discussion : Curriculum resources and successful models for skilled immigrant programs 3 May 10, 2017
Discussion : IMPRINT's Interactive Program Map: Mapping Immigrant Professional Integration 0 Apr 25, 2017
Discussion : MIRA leads the way in helping foreign-trained workers become licensed in MA 0 Apr 25, 2017
Bulletin : H-1B Ready to Work “Coaches Corner” on Employer Engagement 0 Apr 18, 2017
Bulletin : Workforce GPS: H-1B - Promoting Paid Work Experience 0 Apr 04, 2017
Bulletin : New Report: Untapped Talent: The Economic Costs of Brain Waste Among Highly Skilled Immigrants in the United States 0 Dec 08, 2016
Bulletin : New Bulletin: Summary Notes from Leveraging Skilled Immigrant Talent National Convening 1 Nov 29, 2016
Bulletin : Upcoming MPI Webinar: Doctors as Taxi Drivers: The Costs of Brain Waste among Highly Skilled Immigrants in the United States 0 Nov 22, 2016
Bulletin : Denver, Colorado's Skilled Immigrant Meeting | Invitation Extended to SIRW 0 Nov 15, 2016
Discussion : Welcome and Introductions! 2 Nov 03, 2016
Bulletin : IMPRINT Seeking Survey Responses for National Program Mapping Project 0 Oct 05, 2016
Bulletin : Upcoming Webinar: “Made in America” Credentials to Support the Skilled Immigrant Workforce 0 Sep 27, 2016

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