The End of Title 42: How will it effect Adult Education?

With the end of Title 42 (a 1944 public health law that allows curbs on migration in the name of protecting public health), many federal, state, and local humanitarian programs are coordinating their efforts to address the expected influx of asylum seekers.  Because adult education is tasked with immigrant integration, adult educators will be at the forefront of these efforts. How will the end of Title 42 impact our adult education programs?  Below are some resources to get the conversation started.


American Immigration Council: Webinar - End of Title 42: Beyond Border Solutions (video, pdf)

After three long years, Title 42 is set to end on May 11, raising significant questions about how asylum seekers arriving at the southern border will be treated. The Biden administration has announced several policies in advance, with more policy changes expected by May 11.  On May 3, the American Immigration Council released, “Beyond a Border Solution: How to Build a Humanitarian Protection System that Won’t Break” detailing 13 recommendations for both the administration and Congress.  On May 10th, 2023, the Council hosted a webinar on the termination of the “public health” policy that has allowed the U.S. government to expel vulnerable migrants without giving them a chance to seek asylum, what the Biden administration is likely to do next, and a discussion of how the Council’s recommendations serve as a blueprint for meaningful humanitarian protection and effective border management.

US Customs and Border Protection: Secretary Mayorkas Holds a Media Availability to Outline Planning and Operations Ahead of Title 42 (video)

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas will provide an update on planning and operations ahead of the lifting of the Title 42 public health Order at U.S. Customs and Border Protection Headquarters in Washington, D.C.


US Customs and Border Protection: CBP One App and summary infographic

CBP One™ is a mobile application that serves as a single portal to a variety of CBP services. Noncitizens located in Central or Northern Mexico who seek to travel to the United States may use the U.S. Customs and Border Protection CBP One™ app to submit information in advance and schedule an appointment to present themselves at the below Southwest Border land ports of entry (POEs).

US Customs and Border Protection: The U.S. Immigration System

When the Title 42 public health Order lifts on May 11, 2023, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will revert to fully utilizing Title 8 immigration enforcement processes.   Under Title 8, those who unlawfully cross the border are subject to criminal consequences, including possible deportation, prosecution, and a five-year bar on reentry.  Our message remains clear to those seeking to come to the United States: Do not believe smugglers. Do not put your life at risk by taking the dangerous journey only to be sent back. Use lawful pathways to come to the United States. The United States will continue to remove noncitizens who arrive without authorization.

US Customs and Border Protection: Explicación del sistema migratorio de los EE.UU. 

Cuando la orden de salud pública conocida como el Título 42 expire el 11 de mayo de 2023, los EE.UU. nuevamente hará cumplir la totalidad de los procesos migratorios bajo el Título 8.  Bajo el Título 8, aquellos que crucen la frontera de manera ilegal serán sujetos a consecuencias criminales, incluyendo deportación, encausamiento o una prohibición de cinco años a entrar a los EE.UU.  Nuestro mensaje para aquellos que quieren venir a los EE.UU. es claro: no les crea a los contrabandistas. No ponga su vida en riesgo emprendiendo un viaje tan peligroso solo para ser deportado. Las vías de inmigración legal son la manera correcta para venir a los EE.UU. Aquellos no ciudadanos que lleguen a los EE.UU. sin autorización continuaran siendo deportados.


Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) just announced their Post-Title 42 Resource Hub.  This is a page of resources for legal practitioners, advocates, and others helping immigrant clients navigate the immigration system post-Title 42.

VOA News US Immigration posts articles/videos appropriate for intermediate English language learners.