Project-Based Learning: A Conversation with Patsy Egan

You are invited to join us for this upcoming conversation!

What: A  Conversation about Project-Based Learning

  • What is project-based learning?
  • How can teachers successfully implement project-based learning in an adult education classrooms?
  • What might be some of the challenges when implementing project-based learning?
  • What are some examples of projects that can work in an ESL class? an ABE class? an HSE class?

When: The week of January 27, 2020

With Whom: Special guest Patsy Egan and all members of the English Language Acquisition and Teaching & Learning Communities

Patsy's Bio:

Patsy Egan, PhD, is the director of ATLAS, ABE Teaching & Learning Advancement System, housed in the Hamline University School of Education in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her teaching and research focus on literacy development and teacher education for adult learners, including adult basic education and English as a Second Language. As director of ATLAS, Patsy oversees multiple projects focused on identifying, planning, designing, and evaluating the training and professional development needs of ABE/ESL administrators, teachers, and support services staff across the state. As a subject matter expert on the OCTAE ESL Pro project, Patsy authored the Companion Learning Resource on Meeting the Language Needs of Today’s Adult English Language Learner. Patsy was also involved in the OCTAE-sponsored initiative for the new English Language Proficiency Standards and is currently working with the Teaching Skills That Matter project. Patsy is also the President of LESLLA, Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults.


Hi! I'm new here, so I'm looking for a little understanding. I'm very interested in "joining the conversation" on project-based learning (PBL). However, all I can find about when, where, or how is "the week of Jan 27". Will the whole conversation be asynchronous through this discussion board? Will the conversation start with the facilitator posting on Monday, and then we can "join the conversation" by posting comments? Or, is it ... ?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks for the assist! Howard D

Hello Howard, Thanks for the good question. The conversation with our guest Patsy Egan about project-based learning will be right here in our LINCS community. It will be asynchronous and will be held throughout next week starting on Monday morning. Everyone is invited to join!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition and Teaching & Learning CoPs