Webinar: A Skills Strategy Within Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Monday, July 29
12:00-1:30 pm ET
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Comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) will result in far-reaching changes to the labor market that have tremendous economic potential for individuals and the nation as a whole. In order to foster economic growth and opportunity, the legislation must include an equally ambitious, strategic investment in skills. To this end, last month, National Skills Coalition released Comprehensive Immigration Reform: A Proposal for a Skills Strategy that Supports Economic Growth and Opportunity. http://www.nationalskillscoalition.org/assets/reports-/2013-6-24_nsc-cir.pdf


This month, we hope you’ll join us for a national conversation about the vital importance of an integrated, comprehensive skills strategy within CIR, and the need to make substantial new investments in adult education and occupational skills training for immigrants and citizens alike. You’ll hear from national experts in immigrant integration, adult education, and workforce development about:
  •  Prospects for shaping immigrant integration proposals within CIR debates; 
  •  Provisions related to adult education and workforce education in the Senate- 
     passed bill, and;
  •  National Skills Coalition’s proposal.

You will also hear perspectives on this proposal from nationally recognized local practitioners working at the intersection of immigrant integration, adult education, and workforce development.

Panelists include:
Laine Romero-Alston, Program Officer, Next Generation Workforce Strategies,
Ford Foundation
Margie McHugh, Co-Director, Migration Policy Institute National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy
Jeff Carter, Independent Consultant, Adult Education Policy Expert
Rachel Gragg, Federal Policy Director, National Skills Coalition
Ricardo Estrada, Vice President for Education and Programs, Instituto del Progreso Latino, Chicago
Hilary Stern, Executive Director, Casa Latina, Seattle, invited 
Jerry Rubin, Executive Director, Jewish Vocational Services, Boston
Moderated by Rachel Unruh, Associate Director, National Skills Coalition

Please join us for this important conversation. Register today! https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/160234895


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Rachel Unruh
Associate Director


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