My Observations of teacher techniques in a culturally diverse Family Literacy Program.

While assisting a co-worker in a Diverse family literacy program, I noticed things of concern. The participants in this program where majority Hispanics/Latinx and a few Native English Speakers. In this case, the facilitator of the program was a Latinx as well. I felt like on the other hand, sharing the same culture with the participants was wonderful thing. On the other hand, I believe that the Hispanics/Latinx was catered to more the Native English Speakers. One group was getting what they needed, and the other group was being neglected. The Non-English Speakers and the English Speakers will consistently be separated during the group activities. I felt that this was not good. I believed that the English Speakers and Non-English Speakers could learn from each other. Encouraged interactions with both groups would have fostered a shattering of the stereotypes that each group thought about the other. I believe that instructors should be aware of the role that culture plays in their students. If they are the same culture of their students, they should work hard to make ensure that they are doing the best things to truly help their students.