Online basic math resources in Spanish

Hi, all -  I am running a pilot HiSET preparation class for Spanish speakers planning to take the test in Spanish. Does anyone know of free websites offering basic math exercises in Spanish that I could share as a supplement of extra practice? Thanks in advance! 


Hello Karen, Thanks for posting this question. I'm eager to hear what resources are available online for students who want to study math in Spanish. I understand that Khan Academy has some resources. I can't attest to what is covered or at what level, so it would be great to hear from members who are familiar with their materials. 

We can check in with the LINCS math group on this question, too.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition Group

Hi Karen,

The good people at the SABES Math & Numeracy Center in Massachusetts have lots of amazing resources for studying math in Spanish, including:

Visit the SABES math support for native language literacy and Spanish HSE teachers for more. 

yours in productive struggle,