Online ESL for Spanish Speaking Adults


I teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to Spanish speaking adults between the ages of 25 and 60. Most are women who have children and often work at low-paying jobs.

Usually they do not attend classes at adult education centers for a variety of reasons. Now, of course, nobody is attending "live classes".

My course is very informal – or “non-formal” - with no tests or grades - but  I am going to include assessment and tests in the near future.

The materials used are online texts I have written and my two websites: and

In 2013 I created several Facebook groups where I often post video and text lessons. The groups focus on pronuncation, readings, songs from YouTube with lyrics and a group for teachers who teach kids.

There are now WhatsApp groups for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. It can be very busy at times, and at other times it can be very quiet, especially in the summer.

I call my method of instruction ‘bilingual and phonetic, step by step”, with a focus on pronunciation as the basis of learning English.

The students study a variety of ways. They can watch videos that I have made or which are on YouTube for free, and they can also listen to audios I post on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is interactive and often students will chat with each other and they can ask questions which I then answer by sending an appropriate video or text either from my own lessons or from a site on Google.

Approximately 150 students participate in the WhatsApp groups and 5000 in the Facebook groups. Pumarosa gets 1000 visits per day.

I do not evaluate the students’ progress but I can gauge their improvement over time in their writing and audio recordings – and also by their feedback and self-evaluation. Soon I will make the program more "formal" with tests, etc.

My viewpoint is that using the internet, WhatsApp and Facebook is an important way to provide English language instruction to everyone who needs it, and especially to those who for one reason or another cannot attend classes. And those who attend classes can benefit even more if the teacher includes these tools as part of the class.


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Hi Paul, Most programs are still offering only online instruction due to the pandemic. You have been teaching online  for a long time, and you have a great many resources to share and expertise to offer the teachers in our LINCS Community. Thank you!

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP

Thanks for you input, Susan! In my opinion what we will all learn during the pandemic is how to use or develop online lessons so that we can incorporate them into our "live" classes to enhance learning. We should look at technology as a "Teacher's Aide". There is a lot to choose from.


Yes, I agree with you, Paul. Everyone is learning more ways to deliver instruction effectively using technology. I am certain that technology will continue to be an essential component of how we teach even after the pandemic. The possibilities are endless! I would say we can think of this as a silver lining of the difficult times we are all currently experiencing.

I'd love to hear how everyone is thinking about how our current reality will affect the way we teach once we return to in-person classes.

Take care, Susan