OTAN Tech Talks: Integrating videos in professional development

Hello Colleagues,
I want to call your attention to OTAN Tech Talks, 12 free adult basic skills (several for adult ESL teachers) professional development videos, most of which are under 30 minutes. I have watched a few and think they may be useful to adult basic skills teachers. They can be viewed alone, or perhaps with other teachers at your program or school. Consider offering each in a 45-minute to one-hour session in which teachers watch the video together and then discuss it. If you have done that, or plan to do it, what kinds of questions did or will the teachers discuss?  Perhaps our OTAN colleagues might tell us how these are used for professional development in California.
David J. Rosen, Moderator
LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group

1. LinkedIn for Adult Education

  Time: 21:23

2. Excelsior Writing Lab (OWL)

  Time: 31:15

3. Embedding Digital Literacy Skills into Adult ESL

  Time: 33:01

4. Revolution English

Time: 26:39

5. Quizlet


6. Learn360

Time: 20:16

7. Evaluating Websites


8. Online Resources and Ideas to Support the ABE, ASE, and ELL Job Seeker

Time: 32:56

9. LinkedIn for Adult Educators

Time: 21:59

10. Moodle Courses for ESL, ABE/ASE and CTE Programs in Adult Education

11.Chromebooks for Beginning ESL

Time: 12:59

12. Social Media Safety Tips

  Time: 18:46




I have been experimenting with Facebook Watch Parties. Has anyone else tried them? Does OTAN have a facebook page? If these videos are stored on the Facebook page, you can host a watch party and engage through a live chat with participants. 

When the watch party is over, the chat disappears, but the videos remain on the facebook page. 

Any thoughts on this model of delivery? 


Kathy, at this time we are not doing Facebook watch parties. However, I do love the idea! OTAN is on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. So basically if we wanted to do something similar for the OTAN Tech Talks we would Facebook live it? I will do more research. OTAN is finding that most all of our News and events are being looked at through social media. 

Hello David and AE Colleagues across the US, 

Thank you for posting this David. Currently, the OTAN Tech Talks are continuous PD opportunities for our WIOA II agencies to support teacher training and development. Each Tech Talk is delivered by a teacher (or OTAN staff) that has used a tech tool effectively in their classroom or agency wide. We invite OTAN staff, CA adult ed. educators, OTAN subject matter experts, and other OTAN friends to present on tools that benefit adult ed. teachers across programs. The 20/30 minute presentation is uninterrupted and viewers are only listening. The OTAN host records the presentation and the recording posts on the OTAN youtube channel as a library of screencast teachers and other visitors can benefit from. After the 30 min presentation we stop the recording and allow participants to ask the presenter specific questions on use of tool, practices, and other questions and advice they may have for the group. After each tech talk we encourage and "challenge" the participants to use the tool and later share with their agency at a PD event or come back and present for OTAN on their use of the tool. OTAN encourages everyone to present from our Digital Leadership program participants to our brand new adult ed. educator. OTAN posts the new titles on the state training calendar (link below) after the title goes through the presentation approval process. 

Tech Talks are presented every 2nd Friday of each month; you can register here for the live presentation: https://www.caadultedtraining.org/otan or view recording when posted on the Youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/otanservesadulteducation - look for the OTAN Tech Talk playlist. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel you will get notified every time we post a new video. 

I think there should be an OTAN Tech Talk on LINCS resources; who would like to present? The link to register is: http://bit.ly/OTTsignup 

Thank you, 

Neda Anasseri 

OTAN Technology Projects Coordinator