The second of my three resolutions and a resource

My second resolution for 2015  is to get in better financial shape. I looked at the recent financial literacy resources and found  Small Steps to Health and Wealth.  This resource  can be dowlnloaded at and is reviewed at

This resource is written at a high level and could not be used directly with most  adult English learners, I think. However, it is does contain some useful suggestions and fun factoids such as the following:

Daily Financial Behaviors:

Follow a written spending plan (budget) for spending and saving money

Save at least $1per day and/or loose change in a savings account and/or a can or jar

Avoid using payday loans, car title loans, pawn shop loans, cash advances, and other high-cost debt

Eat at least two meals a day prepared at home instead of at a deli or restaurant (excluding traveling)

Use advertisements, apps, coupons, promo codes, sales, and/or discounts to save money on purchases

Do something proactive every day to save money or reduce expenses

I think it would be fun to share this information with a class and talk about why these might be good ideas, and to discuss which ones they would like to try and why.

By the way, in 2014 spending less and saving more was  the third most common resolution made.

Miriam Burt