Survey Resource

Many of you may know about the Center for the Study of Adult Literacy’s repository of web-based texts for adults who read at the 3rd through 7th grade levels (, and if you don’t, I encourage you to check it out! I am also excited to share that now you can also find demographic, computer familiarity, and reading practices/attitude survey questions on our website. The questions in these surveys can come in handy when you want to ask participants questions about demographics, reading patterns, and/or computer use. The surveys that we have made available are ones that we have been using in our studies. The items are all taken from either in-house developed surveys or existing surveys (such as ALL, PISA, LSAL and PIAAC). Each item on each survey on our website gives you the exact reference from the specific survey. For more information and access to the survey items please go to:

Daphne Greenberg

Georgia State University