WhatsApp as a classroom for Online ESL for Adults

Hello, everybody. I use WhatsApp as a classroom to teach adult ESL. Below is a synopsis of my program. I see a need for workshops for those who are not benefitting as much as they should.

Online learning or Distance Learning  - in one form or another - has become a necessity during the current coronavirus epidemic 

Previously the internet had been viewed mainly as a resource and a teacher's aide. Many educators were quick to point out that DL couldnever replace a live teacher. 

But now we can see that DL can provide answers to a number of vexing questions in education, especially in the
field of adult education. 

For example: The problems of student interest and retention, over-crowded classes and waiting lists, can all either
be solved or ameliorated with a creative and meaningful implementation of DL. 

Let me illustrate by briefly describing my ow program.

First, I teach adults the three skills of speaking, reading and writing in English as a Second or Foreign Language using websites that I have developed, YouTube, Google, Facebook and other, miscellaneous sites.

My program is free and "informal" in that there are no attendance requirements or exams, although I give lots of homework.

Approximately 100 students are enrolled in the following WhatsApp groups: Beginning English, Pronunciation, Songs and Advanced English.

I post various lessons several times a week to each group and encourage the students to ask questions and to record their voices while they read a lesson or sing a song. 

That's it in a nutshell, I look forward to reading about others' experiences.

Paul Rogers




YouTube: ingles con profe  pablo


Hello Paul and all, Many teachers are discovering the great potential of using WhatsApp for remote teaching. Thank you for sharing how you've been doing so for a long time, Paul. We can all learn a lot from your approach.

Members, if you are also using WhatsApp, please let us know how it's working for you. In addition, I'm sure Paul would be pleased to answer any questions about how to leverage WhatsApp in useful ways.

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP

Thanks, Susan! I am learning new things about WhatsApp all the time. I discovered Screenshot about a month ago and thought it was the coolest thing to date. Today someone showed me how to use WhatsApp on my laptop, so I no longer have to type with one finger, copy and paste a text to my email and then copy and paste it to Whats. 

But the best thing is that I have great students. Last week I announced in the Advanced group that I wanted to teach writing and I asked everybody to write a 100 word bio for me so that I could see what they needed to learn. I explained that writing is a very good way to learn how to speak. So far about 20 have sent me their bios.  It is fascinating.

Well...I recommend WhatsApp and any other app like it, and would be happy to answer questions people may have.