21st Century Digital Equity and Inclusion

The Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition, sponsor of LAB Notes, Lessons Learned from the Illinois Digital Learning Lab, will be holding a webinar on 21st Century Digital Equity and Inclusion, Wednesday, December 9th, from 3:00-4:00 Central Standard Time. In the session, national digital equity experts, including the LINCS Community Moderator of the Integrating Technology and Program Management Groups, David J. Rosen, will discuss access, connectivity and promising practices. Other panelists include: Amanda Bergson-Shillcock, Senior Fellow, National Skills Coalition; and Gwenn Weaver, Formerly with the U.S. Department of Commerce Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, and currently an Independent Consultant.


Some issues and related challenges and possible strategies:

  • access to hardware, software and connectivity to the Internet
  • access to meaningful, high quality, culturally relevant content in local languages
  • access to educators who know how to use digital tools and resources
  • access to high quality research and examples on the application of digital technologies to enhance learning
  • access to content creation and innovation

To register: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIqcO2ppzsoE9QZKbC-U18xpPwWX8pSm3Nv