Creative ways to use videos that you make for online teaching and learning

Hello Integrating Technology Colleagues,

I've been thinking about the challenges many kinds of occupational training instructors have in delivering training courses online instead of in-person. I came across this solution that may have some utility in adult basic skills education too. The spouse of an automotive technology professor at Austin Community College in Texas video records his auto repair lessons in their home garage. When he shows the videos in his real-time online class, his students have opportunities to interact with him and each other because he pauses the video at various points to ask his students what they think he should do next; presumably then they discuss their ideas.

Here's an example of how this approach might be adapted to adult basic skills teaching and learning. Suppose you teach adult secondary education writing, including preparing students for a high school equivalency exam. You decide to take a question from a writing test preparation curriculum and demonstrate, step by step, how you would approach writing the response. You might do this as a screen capture video, for example, making the video in four parts:

1) Show the exam question in the video from your desktop; then pause and ask students for their strategies, perhaps capturing their ideas in a shared document such as a Google Doc that you and your students also have open.

2) Start showing the video in which you describe your strategy for answering the question. Pause the video after you explain your strategy so students can ask you questions about it.

3) Show your written response in the screen capture video as you are writing it, commenting on the reasons for the changes you make while you are writing. Stop for questions and discussion.

4) Show your completed response to the question, perhaps in a Google Doc where students can read, and then ask questions about it. 

I'm not sure that this is what I would actually do with students as I haven't taught HSE prep in awhile, so someone with more recent experience could probably provide us with a better example, but my purpose is to give you ideas to describe what you would do, not necessarily to use my process.

Think about how, given what you teach, you could use a process that involves a video demonstration, pausing the video at the end of each step of what you are demonstrating for questions, practice, discussion, or other interactive instructional purposes. Then share here what you would do. If you then make a video, share the link here. If you use the process with your students in an online real-time class, and you record that, and if your students agree, share the link here to see what you -- and they-- did.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group