How Can You Use Contextualized Videos with Your Students and in Your Lessons?

Finding video content is helpful to our instruction, but it is often targeted towards the wrong audience for our adult education students. A new website of contextualized video lessons was developed by adult educators in the state of Texas this last year. These contextualized video lessons were influenced by the fictitious lives of five students and their desire to pursue jobs and careers at the Adult Ed Med Hospital. The goal of this project was to help improve students' employability skills by providing students with video clips they could access anytime, anywhere and provide teachers with resources they could integrate into their daily instruction.

The video lessons can be accessed here:

  • How can you use contextualized videos with your students and in your lessons?
  • What additional video content would you find useful for this website?


I didn't get to watch all the workforce/technology videos yet, but the one I did watch was great. Thanks for sharing and I hope other programs will make videos that continue to show the diversity of adult learners we have coming to our programs to improve their workforce skills. 



Career Pathways Group Moderator

I really liked the way Karen explained the scientific method and how effectively she connected it to a real scenario. Problem solving with a purpose!! Right on.  And thanks for having the videos in Spanish too. 

Thank you, Lizelena!!! That is one of my favorite ones! I will make sure she knows! Please share with anyone you know would find them useful!