How Do You Use OER Reading Tools?

With so many reading tools available for our adult learners, it's hard not to use them in our classes, even if you are just looking for good text to print for your students. I know we have discussed reading resources in the past, but I am interested in hearing how you integrate them into your instruction.  I tend to incorporate them into a HyperDoc lesson or assign them as homework/extra work. I like to assign independent practice and group work assignments, but I also like to teach students to actively read when we read out loud as a class.

If you haven't check it out yet, I highly recommend CrowdED Learning's OER, Marshall Leveled Reading Program. There are 300 digital text sets available, which include vocabulary, reading, and quiz activities and they are organanized by TABE and CCRS levels. 

  • How do you integrate OER resources like Readworks, Commonlit, and Read Theory into your instruction? 
  • Has anyone used CrowdED Learning's Digital Reading OER, Marshall Leveled Reading Program? If so, how have you used it with your students? Or, if you haven't used it, how might you use it in your program?



I haven't used it myself, but a few adult education teachers in Pennsylvania have used in their adult education classroom. I heard it has customizable text books. There may be some parts of it that are geared towards children, so I would just make sure to review pieces well to make sure they are appropriate for your adult audience before using.

Thanks, Chrissie! Yes, CK-12 is an amazing resource that seems to be coming up quite a bit lately. I am thrilled adult educators are utilizing this invaluable OER. I agree about reviewing content to ensure it is appropriate and relevant to adults, but the cool thing is that they are now have a section dedicated just to Adult Ed, which always makes me happy!

Hello Ashly and colleagues, I have drawn from all of these resources in my own teaching. I wanted to let everyone know that LINCS will be offering a webinar in May focused on the extremely useful Reading Skills for Today's Adults -- Marshall Leveled Reading Program. Stay tuned for the details.

Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP