Integrating Technology: Significant Discussions in May

Hello Colleagues,

The Integrating Technology group had many significant discussions in May. In my view the top three were:

Preparing for and offering adult basic skills online during the pandemic  A discussion begun by Moderator, David J. Rosen,  in March and continuing through May,  with 139 replies

Illinois Digital Learning Lab Five-day Panel Discussion begins Monday, May 18, 2020  A week-long panel discussion that began May 18th, with107 Replies

WhatsApp & More for Adult Learners  A week-long discussion begun by Nan Frydland on March 27th and continuing, with 44 Replies


In addition there were other substantive discussions that you might want to (re-) visit.

Exploring Media Literacy for Adult Learners 51 Replies

A Conversation with Tadd Wamester on Coronavirus, Continuous Learning, and Career Pathways  21 Replies

Conversation with World Education on Tech Tools for the Employment Opportunity Gap 20 Replies

Innovation under pressure  9 Replies

Writing and Collaborating with Google Docs 9 Replies

What's happening in our field now  6 Replies

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating technology group