Help Us Celebrate David Rosen!


In case you missed the Community Announcement, David Rosen, moderator of the Integrating Technology group, will be stepping down from his moderator role at the end of this month. While we will miss his leadership within this group, David will continue to be a vital member of the LINCS Community as well as continue to support adult education professionals through his ongoing roles as advisor, consultant, and volunteer.

We hope that you can join us for a LINCS Open House event to express your appreciation for his longstanding contributions to our community on January 29, 2021 from 3 pm – 4 pm ET.  Please register in advance to attend so that we know how many to expect.

We wish David all the best in his continued endeavors!


Hello all,

While I am not available this afternoon for the event, I'd like to thank David for his contributions to this forum. I'm just now beginning to try to take advantage of LINCS more regularly and even though he's leaving, I know I will continue to benefit from his presence here.

Thank you so much, David!


It was great listening to all the tributes you have received from your colleagues who have worked with you in, oh so many capacities since at least 1990.  I remember David best from the wild and wooly days of the National Literacy Advocacy (NLA) discussion listerv which provided me with the forum to break into the field on a national level.  While I personally miss the email format of all of those lists (NLA + those sponsored by NIFL), I have come to appreciate, even by a distance David's capacity to lead the field in adapting to new technological changes that resulted in the emergence and ongoing refinement of the current, clearly more disciplined approach to the broad range of sub-topics that continues to characterize our field,  A challenge for the field--and it was brought up in David's tribute, is the need to retain the value of the historical knowledge of the field (still preserved in the listserv's archives if they can be found), while responding to current and anticipated near-future challenges in remaining on the cutting edge.  In perusing a few of the current discussion threads, I see that I have missed a great deal in not sifting through and engaging in critical dialogue with the many ideas raised in these subject matter communities.

In any event, I just want to publicly acknowledge David's incredible intergenerational contribution to the field, in which I know he will continue to make breakthrough contributions, particularly at the interface between technology and pedagogy.

George Demetrion

Hartford, CT