So Many EdTech Tools, So Little Time! (Live) Coffee Break Discussion


Join us for the So Many EdTech Tools, So Little Time Coffee Break Session (Live Event). Rachel Riggs will discuss integrating EdTech tools into instruction. During this session,  best practices for integrating technology, creating a toolkit, and determining the appropriate types EdTech tools needed in an adult education class will be discussed. Additionally, there will  be a discussion about the number of EdTech tools truly necessary to incorporate into your adult ed instruction.


This looks like a great event! I always learn so much in your technology sessions.

I am especially curious to hear about the number of Ed Tech tools necessary to incorporate into instruction. This discussion reminds me of the SAMR Model I learned about a few years ago:

Substitution - What is gained by replacing traditional tools with technology?

Augmentation - Does the technology increase or augment students' productivity or potential?

Modification - Does the technology alter the learning task?

Redefinition - Does the technology create a novel experience?

Here is the live registration link to your event on May 13.


Thanks so much for all you do in this community Ashly,

Steve Schmidt

Thanks Steve and Chrissie! Yes, I totally agree the SAMR model is so important, especially now! The discussion was great fun and Chrissie and I plan on doing another one next week!


Register here:

So exciting to see folks talking about the SAMR Model!  I find it is often interpreted in ways that seem to clash with what Reuben Puentedura, the originator of the concept, explains the model to mean.  In trying to get as close to Puentedura's ideas as possible I pulled together a lot of his work in this SAMR Wakelet .  Would love to hear what others are doing with SAMR.  I'm sorry I missed this coffee break discussion.




LOVE your SAMR Wakelet, Nell! You used my favorite tool demonstrate my favorite model! I am definitely going to be going through these resources. Thank you so much.