After Covid - The Next Normal


I invite you to review the article Beyond ReOpening Schools: How Education Can Emerge Stronger Than Before Covid-19 where the authors discuss the idea of a powered up school which leverages the best of technology and community resources. 

After reading this article, I would be very interested in your ideas and thoughts. 

  • How can we develop strong Professional Development systems that sustain the next normal? 
  • How can these systems address the equity issues in adult education? 
  • What is the instructional core of AE? 

I look forward to sharing ideas and learning from this community of practice. 


Kathy Tracey


The COVID-19 pandemic required professional development practitioners to pivot quickly deliver trainings remotely. On Friday, January 8th, members from the LINCS Communities of Practice discussed strategies to sustaining the new/next normal in PD. The following is a summary of that discussion.

  • What were some of our key changes in the delivery of professional development?

Practitioners expressed the challenges moving to remote professional development but also recognized the scope of engagement from teachers and adult education staff increased. Key issues such as access and technology skills were also addressed with many programs developing programs to distribute technology to teachers as well as learners. To aid in socialization and to help address issues such as isolation, tools such as break out rooms were embedded into the PD offerings.

The focus for sustaining the new professional development is grounded in scaffolding engagement with new technology tools, giving learners an opportunity to learn and put into practice what they have learned. Additionally, sustainability is grounded in practitioners being very intentional in PD planning when considering delivery models and strategies for engagement while evaluating which PD is suited to f2f, blended, and virtual (or all). 

How will you continue the new/next normal for PD?

How will you evaluate which PD will continue in a remote format?

I look forward to your comments. 
Kathy Tracey