Building Presentation Skills

Are you presenting at a state or national conference? Are you interested in developing your presentation or training skills? I invite you to complete this free, online course: Training and Teaching Excellence. This course, provided by the Training, Resource and Innovation Network for Texas Professional Development Consortium (TRAIN PD), assists adult education trainers in delivering research-based, engaging training and provides helpful instructions in preparing for, conducting, and finalizing training. The course covers:

  • Five variables that every trainer should understanding about their audience
  • Three key ingredients to learning
  • Professional development standards
  • Online career pathways resources
  • Creating learning that transfers
  • Online teacher resources
  • Texas' trainer logistics

I encourage you to take this course and share the tips and strategies learned. If you have presented in the past, share your tips, strategies, and ideas. I look forward to your ideas shared. 


Kathy Tracey