Discover the potential of Micro/Credentialing and Badging

Join the Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers in the next webinar in their series. On Thursday, August 9th, at 4:00 pm EST, Glenda Rose will present information about micro credentialing and badging. Click here to join the webinar. No registration is needed. 

The LINCS community has had prior discussions on this topic. I invite you to review the discussion and join the webinar to learn more. 

  • Is your program utilizing micro-credentialing? 
  • Do you use a form of badging?
  • Do these practices increase student satisfaction or retention? 


Kathy Tracey



Hi all, 

Check out the webinar from AALPD on Micro credentials. I had several take-aways from this presentation. Badging is the digital representation/evidence of micro-credentials and they key is their portability. It's also important that the requirements for earning the micro-credential is public facing, meaning people develop an understanding of what it takes to earn the credential. What are your key ideas from this webinar? And how can you see micro-credentialing at your program? 

Kathy Tracey

Hi Glenda, 

Can you discuss briefly how to set up a micro-credential that meets a specific industry standard so a professional educator could use this badge as a tool in their portfolio? Does that question make sense? And for anyone else working with micro-credentials, how do you set the standard for these? 

I'd love to learn more.